Hosting Halloween

This year Bruce and I decided to do something I have wanted to do for years – host a great big Halloween party! Together with his roommates, we decided to go for it. This decision was made one week before Halloween night. We all sent out emails to our friends, and suddenly we had around 60 people planning on attending. Yikes!


We had a limited amount of time, and a limited budget, but we pulled it off, and everyone had a great time! Everyone pitched in. The roomates decided they could handle the booze for the party. So that left us to pull together food and decorations.We decided to keep it simple – pizzas and lots of snacky items.



For decor, we pulled together what we could from items we already owned – candles, and my fall-colored table cloth. We put to use a paper globe lantern and an old sheet to make a ghost, too! And then we bought a dozen tiny pumpkins, one big one, and several bags of fake spider webs and paper streamers (which can really go a long way). All of this for around $10. It came out surprisingly festive!






It was such a fun party.  And I am already thinking about next year!


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