Christmas Charity

Growing up, my mom tried to instill the concepts of generosity and charity at Christmas into us as well as the giving and receiving of gifts. It’s something I want to incorporate into my own adult life. It’s a nice anchor to have in the midst of all the holiday bustle this year. 

So, here are a couple of my favorite charities. I encourage you to consider giving to them, and in doing so, help someone who really needs it to have a merry Christmas.

English: A goat

World Vision’s Gift Catalog

You probably only know them as the “Sponsor a Child” group. However, every holiday season, World Vision puts out a catalogue of one-time donations you can make to women, children, and families in other countries.

You can buy a goat  for a needy family! Or several chickens! Or a sewing machine for a woman to start her own business. Or you can contribute to the cost of digging a well for fresh water for an entire town!

There is absolutely no other seasonal catalogue like it in the world! Plus, won’t it be fun to tell your friends you bought a goat? Even better, since it is all tax deductible, you can claim the goat on next year’s taxes!

English: Seattle, Wash. (Dec. 16, 2005) &ndash...

Toys for Tots

Every year this U.S. Marine Corps charity collects and distributes thousands of toys to needy children during the holidays. Over the last 62 years, Marines have distributed more than 400 million toys to more than 188 million needy children in the United States.

The Angel Tree

The Angel Tree organization donate toys to the children of prison inmates – the saddest victims of the justice system in America. Every year, when I was a child, my mom would take my sister and I to the mall, to select kids form the Angel Tree. We each selected a child by name and age, and then purchased gifts specifically for them. A wonderful reminder for kids during the holiday season, that there are those less fortunate than then in the world.

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