I Heart Halloween

I previously wrote about my love of Fall.  Now it is time to discuss my obsession with Halloween.

As an adult it has become my favorite holiday. We always celebrated it when I was a kid, but I was raised in a very religious household, so it was always a holiday with a lot of caveats and a distinctly “fall festival” bent. But I also have always had a very vivid imagination. And as a child (and to be honest, still now as an adult) can easily be scared silly by movies and the like. So I can see several reasons why we probably didn’t have a lot of ghost and goblins celebratory devices around the house.

Nowadays, I think Halloween is a wonderfully theatrical holiday. It really plays into the imagination, celebrating the mysterious and the otherworldly. And I also happen to think that the lighthearted embrace of the darker elements of life and even fear, takes some of the sting out of them. Celebrating the frightful dis-empowers it in some way.

A pumpkin carved into a jack-o'-lantern for Ha...

Dressing up for halloween is pretty much the one night a year that most adults have to play act each year. You get to don a new persona for the evening! You can also be free to explore extreme or whimsical costume and style ideas that you never would normally.

I also love the newer decorations I am seeing in stores for Halloween.  This year, there seem to be a lot of more glamorous selections for Halloween decor:




It is really fun to see the creepy, dark, and decrepit, take a glittery glam fantastical turn.

I also am loving all of the DIYs popping up around the web lately for Halloween.  Here are some of the most unique ideas I have seen. If I had endless time I would try all of them:

Tombstone Garden

Shadow Forms (flickering on the walls)

Black Drip Candles (made by dripping a black candle over white ones)

Lighted / Glow in the Dark Brooms in the Yard

Bone Napkin Holders – made from dog chew bones

Fairy Tale Pumpkins (for sale at Trader Joes)

‘Fraidy Cat Silhouettes on picture frames

In this spirit (pun intended) I am working on convincing a house full of men to let me throw a Halloween party this year. Cross your fingers for me! And until then….Happy Halloween ya’ll!

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