Halloween Party – Year 2

Tomorrow is our second Halloween Party. I am ridiculously excited about it. Last year’s Halloween party was such a hit, that we decided to do it again this year. And better! The last minute nature of last year’s party resulted in some pretty basic decor – paper streamers and lots of fake cobwebs. This year I am determined to improve on that. So I did some shopping and found some great things to kick it up a notch this year!

Take a look:


I found this awesome feather wreath at Target. And also little orange and purple twinkle lights!

149701_448681476711_4684238_n (1)

I love these little buckets. They are cheesy, but fun and great for little candies or candles.


We found some pumpkin-scented tapers at World Market, and these old candle sticks in the garage! I picked the worty pumpkin out special at a pumpkin patch. Also  – dozens of little black plastic spiders everywhere!


This felt Halloween banner is maybe my favorite new thing!


Black spray painted branches were found in the park! Still utilizing the spider webs, too!


This Glitter skull is easily the coolest creepiest piece of the whole set of decorations.

Also – a clip on raven and tombstone decoration from Michael”s. White baby pumpkins fresh from the patch.


I found some templates online and printed them off.  They looked really cute, but I have already found the biggest flaw – something that is probably obvious to many of you – printed ink runs. Also, as Bruce immediately pointed out, now you can no longer see what type of wine it is. There is only red or white.


Tomorrow we party!

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