Halloween 2010 Costumes

I almost completely forgot to post about our costumes this year. Drum roll please…… we were Russell Brand and Lady Gaga!


Bruce thinks Russell Brand is hilarious. And I am sort of fascinated by the Bad Romance Video right now. Here was the inspiration:



It wasn’t very hard to create the basis for either costume. For the Russell look, we just hit a good will store, and found some pleather pants, a white button down, and a scarf/belt/necklace thing. That and some black eyeliner, and the foundation was done. The wig was much harder. We hit every Halloween store in the area, and could not find a “Russell Brand” wig. But in a monemt of combined desperation & inspiration, we found an “Amy Winehouse” wig and decided that if we chopped up the bee hive section and ratted it, it might work. It actually came out perfect!!

The Lady Gaga look consisted of black skinny jeans, and a black turtle neck. Combine with a platinum blonde wig with bangs. I found those “official” “Lady Gaga” glasses at the Halloween store, and had to have them, even though they weren’t the one from the video. I figured people would get it, and they did!

The crown was the crafty part. I got a plastic headband to start with, and some black sheet foam from the craft section at Target. From there, I free-handed am outline, and cut it out. A lot of hot-gluing followed.  Three tried later, I had it!

 The costumes were a big success! Our party guests loved them. And after our guests went home, we took a stroll down U Street to see all the other Halloween revelers pouring out of the clubs after last call. Lots of folks recognized us, and shouted so.

But the best part of the night was when a reporter from the DC Metro weekly blog asked to photograph us both. The next day, we saw that Bruce made their list of “Best Costumes of 2010.” Go Bruce!

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