Life in My Halloween Land

So, in case you wonder what life is like around here during the Halloween season, here is a snippet of insight into our life this week:


(Coming home one night, we found a box at my apartment.)

Me: Oh yay! They are here!
Bruce: What?
Me: I did some internet shopping.
Bruce: Oh cool. What did you get?
Me: Wait till you see….

Bruce:  Uh, babe? Do you have any idea what is in this box?

Me: Is it the bats I ordered?
Bruce: Yes, but my question is…..Why?
Me: For the party! I am going to hang them all over the place!
Bruce: You ordered bats from Amazon?
Me: Yes! I got a really good deal on them! They were on sale. I got that whole box of 24 bats for only $15. That’s less then 2 bucks a bat! They would be way more expensive in the store.
Bruce sighs. Shakes head. Puts the bats back in the box. Goes to watch football.)

Later that week… at the costume shop…
Me: Bruce get over here!
Bruce: What?
Me: Look!
Bruce: At what the bats?
Me: Those are $3.50 a bat! I told you I got a deal!!
Bruce: I cannot believe we are having this conversation…

The night of our Halloween party, our friend John complemented my decor. I thanked him, and a conversation about the bats hanging from the chandelier….

J Smith: Wow! Those are really creepy bats!
Me: Thank you! You know the best part? I got a great deal on them!
Bruce: Make sure you tell John how many bucks a bat it was!
Me: (Ignoring) I got them for like, $1.50 a bat online! That’s like, half of what they were in the stores!
J Smith: (Not really sure how to respond) Well….those seem like some high quality bats.

I was elated, and enthusiastically agreed. Bruce spent the next 10 minutes laughing, and John went to get a drink.


We are a comedy troop around here, folks. An incredibly macabre disturbing comedy troop …

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