Hello :)

Welcome to Moonbeams By Day. A requisite little bit about me…

My name is Holly. I live in Washington DC, though I am a transplant from the southwest – New Mexico, Colorado, and the lands of wide open spaces.

I’ve been a serial blog-reader for many years now and I finally decided that it is time to go ahead and start my own little blog.  Since I possibly anticipate what will interest you, I am going to post about what interests me! It is a random collection, and I can’t promise you consistency. As my friend Amy says, I tend to be a serial obsessionist. I discover a love for something, and wholeheartedly pursue, absorb, and devour everything I can about it. Then I move on to new fascinations!

I have a (grown up) job that is interesting, challenging, and rewarding (that makes my mother very proud) and that I probably won’t talk about very much here.

This blog is about all the things in my life outside of my work desk. It is about the music, art, books, travels, hobbies, passions, fascinations, daydreams, obsessions, and totally weird and random array of things that add the fun, beauty and meaning to my life, and amuse, excite and inspire me every day.

Hopefully some of them might just interest you too!


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