Avalon Sunset

One of the sweetest gifts I have ever received, I got for my birthday this summer – my very first vinyl record!

Avalon Sunset, by Van Morrison, to be exact, with one of my favorite songs, “These Are the Days” on the B side.

As a child I had heard the song in a movie, in which two people were sweetly dancing together in their apartment. It was everything love should be, I decided!

The scene and the song stuck with me for another decade or so (no joke, I have an amazing memory for music) until the internet had reached a sufficient informational capacity for me to track it down finally. But then Napster was shut down, and by the time ITunes came around I had almost forgotten it.

Then last year, in a casual conversation about mandolins, I mentioned the song and the scene to Bruce.

He stored the info away until the week of my birthday, where upon he began searching for a copy of it on vinyl. (Because that is how the scene in the movie went, and Bruce already owns a record player, audiophile that he is.)

Several dozen phone calls to various record stores scattered across the East Coast, and he tracked down a copy at a record store in Boston. He paid roughly three times the price of the record to have it shipped overnight, and I got the biggest surprise ever on my birthday!

And now I get to occasionally reenact my childhood impression of a romantic evening dance at home…

I sincerely love the song, and suggest downloading it for those quiet evenings at home where you need a little wine, a little romance, and a little mandolin!

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