My Newest Downloads

Occasionally friends ask me what I am listening to lately. (I sincerely doubt it is because they think I am any sort of arbiter of musical taste. More than likely, it’s because they want to either confirm for themselves that they are ahead of the curve in their own musical tastes, or because they want to spice up their iPod with some truly random selections, and they trust my taste to be off-the-wall enough to supply some amusement along these lines. I really don’t want to think about it too much (and what it says about me…as a person…alone in my thoughts….late at night…OMG!) ) So instead, I am just going to occasionally post my latest downloads and musical obsessions and interests. What you do with this information is UP TO YOU!

I will kick off this new tradition with a recap of some of my favorite downloads from 2011, thus far. (Yes, this is one of several ways I organize my Ipod. Yes, I also have other playlists too.)

Fair warning, not all of these are the latest band to hit the scene(!). Some are. Some are just some song, I heard somewhere, and decided to add to my Ipod because I thought it was awesome on that particular day. Here ya go:

I Know Places, Lykke Li

Youngblood, Naked and Famous

Who Have you Been Loving, Bobby Long

Ray LaMontagne And The Pariah Dogs – God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise – Devil In The Jukebox

We Did It When We Were Young, Gaslight Anthem

American Slang, Gaslight Anthem

She Loves You, Gaslight Anthem

Family Tree, Matthew West

“Skin Against Skin,” Dj Krush, feat. Deborah Anderson

The Black Keys

The Decemberists

Non Believer, La Rocca

You Always Make Me Smile, Kyle Andrews

Since You’ve Been Around, Rosie Thomas

Little Lion Man, Mumford & Sons

The Cave, Mumford & Sons

Lucky Man, The Verve

If I Had A Boat, Lyle Lovett

Aracade Fire

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


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