The Naked and Famous

My new favorite band from this summer is The Naked and Famous!

Out of New Zealand, they’ve been described as “quite possibly the best band you’ve never heard,” and I would have to agree!

Let’s also get this out of the way – they have a great name. Seriously, tell someone this is your new favorite band, and watch their “did you just say what I think?” face. Bonus points if it is someone you know from church! (And, lest you think I am putting you up to something unfairly, I recently did this very thing, and the look of surprise was totally worth it!)

More than that, their music is so young and fresh and exuberant, it sounds like nothing else I have heard in years.

They have a heavily synthesized electro-pop sound musically, but it sounds like your little brother’s guitar band with some pixie dust sprinkled on top. I especially love the occasional electric guitar riff that pops out through the mixing.

Mentally, this album cleared away years of musical cobwebs in my head. There is a freshness to their sound that just makes me feel 17 again, excited about new music like I used to be back when all music was new to me.

I particularly love the song Young Blood.

I heard for the first time on WRNR out of Annapolis in June or July. This is the kind of new interesting music you just don’t hear much any more on corporate radio.

Too bad, because the world needs more NakedandFamousness.

The Naked And Famous

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