Our (now) Annual Halloween party!

Together Bruce and I have started a tradition – For the last two years we have hosted a Halloween party together. This will be our third year so we can officially call this our annual tradition.

I am starting to gear up for this year’s “Third Annual Halloween Party – 2011!” But while I work on that, I can share with you pictures and some notes from some of our previous parties over the last two years. Here is a look back at our first two Halloween parties together:

(Note: my really old camera did not take the best photos of the first two parties. So, apologies for the quality of the photos.)

Halloween Party 2009:

We were so broke that first party year, I think our budget for the whole party was around $100, most of which went to booze. The snacks took second place for the budget, and decor a distant third. It’s amazing what we managed to do with paper streamers, fake cobwebs, candles and some mini pumpkins from the supermarket!

I was a vampire, naturally. The costume was borrowed off a friend, and I purchased the fake red extensions on a whim at CVS. The biggest investment I made was in the “Fangz” teeth! Bruce utilized some fake blood, an old military jacket, and some $4 horns to be a surprisingly threatening devil/ghoul of some sort.





A look back at Halloween Party 2010:

That second year we actually planned ahead a bit more, and put just a bit more effort into it all. I tried my hand at a basic cake design in addition to the other munchies, and we printed off some fun labels for the wine. We also hit up Target for some “real” decorations.

We were Lady Gaga and Russell Brand. Bruce actually got photographed by a photographer from a local newspaper that night and printed up in their online list of top Halloween costumes from 2010!






149701_448681476711_4684238_n (1)

Already planning for this year! Stay tuned!

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