Skinny Love

Don’t you love it when you have a favorite song, that you have listened to over and over, and then you hear a new version of it that completely changes it and makes you hear it in a whole new way?

Well, I do! I love re-recordings and re-releases. I love live versions, and concert performances. I love covers, as long as they bring something new and interesting, and valuable to the song.

The other night, I was listening to the amazingly wonderful WRNR, as Bruce and I drove home in separate cars (a long day preceded). And then I heard it… I heard a brand new (to me) version of a song I really like.

The song is “Skinny Love,” and the version of it that I am familiar with is by the british singer Birdy.  

Her version is beautifully tragic, and operatic, and soulful.

It makes me tear up! I can’t let my Ipod hit it randomly, or I will be a mushy overwrought mess by the time I get to work.

The version that popped on the radio that night was by Bon Ivar (who I admit I had not heard of until then), and had an entirely different spin to it.

Bon Iver performing at The Fillmore

I have to admit that I was so tickled by the Bon Iver version, I called Bruce, and made him turn it on in his car too, and then spent a considerable portion of dinner discussing it. I also called my sister to tell her about the new (to me) version, since she also liked the Birdy version.

Today’s Downloads:

-Skinny Love, Birdy

-Skinny Love, Bon Iver

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