Life in My Halloween Land, Part 2

After seeing an amazing decoration for sale on line yesterday, Bruce and I had this conversation on the way home:

(via Grandin Road)

Me: You know what I really want this year?
Bruce: What?
Me: A Headless Horseman
Bruce: You’re talking about, like, a dummy or something, right? You are not actually planning to summon a homicidal headless demon to come to our party?
Me: Obviously…
Bruce: (Looking reassured) Ok then. I think we could probably figure something out.
Me: You actually thought I might try to summon the real headless horseman to come kill us all?
Bruce: I never know with you…..

(You gotta love how un-flustered he was by this suggestion. The next night, he gave me the Tim BurtonĀ version of Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp on DVD. How great is he?)


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