Pumpkin Carving

Tonight, we carve pumpkins!

A freh pumpkin ready for carving for Halloween...

I love this yearly canvas for expression.

Pumpkin carving is serious business to some. People buy kits, spend hours, and even use power tools on theirs.  I honestly lament the fact that my artist skills seem not to extend to pumpkin carving. I tend to go for the triangle eyes and teeth.

Pumpkin season brings up some questions tho – scary or silly? Carve a design or decorate it? There seems to be a never ending stream of new trends and ideas in  this area.


I personally love the old fashioned scary pumpkin. I like the history behind the fact that pumpkins used to be carved with terrifying faces and lit on all hallows eve in order ward off evil spirits. A personal favorite is the “Sleepy Hollow” pumpkin (which originally appears in the book as the head of a scarecrow). A depiction of it on the cover of my childhood book terrified me. So, now, it is my earnest desire to terrify other children with it!

Looking around the net, you can find all sorts of interesting a fascinating trends in pumpkin decor. A few years ago, glittered pumpkins were all the rage. (This happened to coincide with an uptick in vacuum purchases, interestingly enough. Just because I can’t prove it doesn’t mean it isn’t true!)

At any rate, here is a roundup of some of the best pumpkin ideas I have seen so far:

Grey Pumpkins

These are neat because they still carve out to an orange interior, making them eery and festive all at once!

Truly Impressive Carvings!

Feminine Pumpkin (a stocking pulled over white pumpkin)

Pumpkins in Costume

Pumpkins making a Statement


Gold pumpkins! (Gold spray paint finally actually adds a classy touch to something. )

Silhouette pumpkins

Pumpkin Theme Statement (Fireplace)

Pumpkin Theme Art

Painted Pumpkins (modern)

Painted Pumpkins (chevron)

Painted Pumpkins (country)

Baby Vampire Pumpkins!

Mercury Pumpkins

Sequined Pumpkins

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