Lykke Li

This week, one of my favorite artists, Lykke Li, shared her playlist of influences with Huffington Post.For those unfamiliar, Lykke Li is a swedish singer/song writer, who has made some of the most interesting music out there in recent years.

English: Lykke Li at SXSW08 Day Stage.

She’s a bit hippie/hipster in her style, but her music is a wonderful diversion from the usual mainstream schlock. Some of her songs are a blend of chamber pop and european electronica.

My first introduction to Lykke Li was her song, “I’m Good, I’m Gone” which you can see in its best peformance, here: My Favorite Lykke Li

Her music is so fresh and well-crafted theat songs have been featured on movies, tv, commercials, and lots of other forums. I was both slightly annoyed when Victoria Secret appropriated use of the song “Little Bit” (below) for use in their commercials last Christmas. But its such a coquettish song, you can hardly blame the ad execs.

At any rate, Lykke Li shared some of her musical influences recently: Lykke Li HuffPost Playlist I was actually surprised at the wide range of influences she cited – from the Shangri Las to Elvis Presley.

My recommended Lykke Li downloads:

– “I’m Good, I’m Gone,” Youth Novels

– Little Bit, Youth Novels

Youth Novels

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