Snowmen Snacks

It has not yet snowed in DC, and is actually upwards of 50 degrees outside, but I have snowmen on my mind!

Part of this is due to my significant other’s fondness for the figures. We picked out ornaments last week at the “Christmas Store” my family loves, and he sheepishly selected an adorable chubby snowman ornament. I have more of a Santa and angel fondness myself.

But in lieu of actual snow, I started looking around the web for some snowmen inspiration for our house, and found FOOD snowmen! So, here you go – Guaranteed to go faster than even the real thing! These edible snowmen desserts from Ohdeedoh are so precious, I am compelled to make some for myself!

Snow man ice cream sunday! Buttons from chocolate chips. Marshmallow head. Face from chocolate frosting. Arms from twizzlers.

Snowmen Ice Cream parfaits.

These Snow Men are made from (slightly smushed) powdered sugar donut holes, and a bit of icing. Hat from cookies and peanut butter cups!

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