Holiday Wreaths!

It is time for Wreaths! (Actually, when isn’t it time for wreaths? I adore wreaths, and my secret goal is to have one on my door for pretty much every season.)

When Christmas season rolls around, and I find myself in need of more doors for all the wreaths I want to have and display. But since I live in a tiny apartment, with one exterior door (but, 3 interior doors – heh, heh, Heh!) I will display all the wreaths I want to, on the internet instead!

Bay leaf wreaths – I simply love the idea of real greenery at Christmas. it seems very 17th century England, if you will. Plus bay leaves and garland smell wonderful, too!

Williams Sonoma has a beautiful (and expensive) selection of bay wreaths and garlands for sale. If they are not in your budget this year, check out this tutorial on how to make your own Bay wreath form ElseaChelsea.

A Sweater wreath DIY from Crafty Little Gnome.

This could also make a fun (and loud) afternoon project to copy, bell wreath, from William Sonoma. 

A beautiful Cranberry Wreath, from TheWrightWreath on Etsy.

For another possible DIY, take a look at this Ornament Ball Wreath from Kaboodle

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