On The 1st Day of Christmas

When I was a child, my mother always gave us the cardboard advent calendars with chocolate bits in them. We loved popping open the cardboard doors to count down the days until Christmas.

This weekend, we watched one of Bruce’s favorite christmas movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. For the first time, I noticed the beautiful advent calendar house featured throughout the movie.

They are designed so that you open the numbered windows of the house to reveal Christmasy pictures each day.

I turned to the internet, and found out that you can actually buy these houses online, here…. for about $1199.00!  So, that’s not going to happen (at least not this year). Plus they are way too big to store in the off season.

However, I still really like the idea of an advent calendar to mark the days leading up to Christmas. So I scoured the internet for more ideas and options. Here are the best I found:

Target is selling this mirrored advent calendar this year. Very shiny and mono-chromatically sleek.  but the little windows are a bit small for anything other than chocolate kisses, or maybe coins?

I also looked at some more colorful versions at other stores.

Several websites are carrying decorate-your-own advent calendars this year. I was a bit skeptical about these blank slates until I saw a couple of the final products. For example:

However, for a slightly more interesting take, here are some advent calendars that just scream, “project!”

A DIY advent calendar made from a cork board, and some small gift sacks. each can be filled with various treats from The Marion House Book.

Paint magnetic herb tins with numbers, and turn your fridge into a calendar!

Numbered stockings can make for a festive wall, and a calendar!

Along the same lines, these take-out boxes, found at local craft stores can be painted and hung.

Or if you want to really craft it up, find an old display case, like this one….

and decorate, fill and display:

Finally, the most creative re-use I have seen so far – transform that old over-the-door shoe rack into an advent calendar, by painting numbers on each pouch and fill!

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