Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but one New Year’s resolution has never been enough for me. I always want to make a full list of things to improve on the New Year. I also want to organize my entire house and fix everything that needs fixing. Ambition is synonymous with January to me! So, here are a couple of fresh ideas from around the web to help start off the year right in your home:

1. Wash(!) and use egg cartons to organize and store holiday decorations. (Re-Nest)

2. Rub a walnut over scratches on furniture to hide imperfections. I have no idea how, but this works! (Apartment Therapy)

3. Store sheet sets together. Fold and place them inside one pillowcase to keep set together. I love this idea because pillow cases, like socks, seem to vanish. (Martha Stewart)

4.Use old wet wipes containers for storing plastic bags. (Savvy Housekeeping)

5. Create a space-saving container garden using guttering (Life Hacker)

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