Great Way to Say Congrats

My sister sent me the best gift ever as a congratulations the other day. It was such a cute idea that I simply had to share it with you all.

Heather is in school full time. Since she isn’t working, she has to be fairly thrifty about things. She wanted to send more than a card to Bruce and I for our engagement, and so she came up with this clever idea.

I am going to let you all experience it the same way I did….

A box arrived at my office. It was big, but suspiciously light.

 It was address to both Bruce and I, so I opened it right then and there. And this is what happened!

Even more suspicious. And then…


Oh my…

Oh my gosh!

 Isn’t it incredible!? I was so surprised and touched.

I told her I wanted to share her idea with the world, so here is the breakdown on her project:

Heather bought balloon filled with helium, and used ribbon and streamers she already had around the house. She also found a large Fed Ex box around the house. She secured the balloons to the bottom of the box with tape, and the rest in place with glue. According to her, the most difficult part was getting everything stuffed into the box (the balloons didn’t cooperate easily), and it took 3 sets of hand to do so.

The total cost was a couple of dollars. The most expensive part was shipping, but becuase the box was so light, even that wasn’t much. She said the total cost of the project was about $15.00.

Here are some of the tips she had:

1. Start with “fresh” balloons – She went to the store and had them blow up three of them right there, so that the helium would have the longest shelf life possible.

 2. Go ground – Even though the box says Fed Ex, it turns out mailing balloons by air is not a good idea. Fed Ex shipping policies do not allow it. They claimed that balloons will either burst, or deflate in air, and could be a hazard. Heather was very upset by this. She was concerned that the package wouldn’t arrive quickly enough by ground, and the balloons would have deflated anyways. But, I am happy to report, they still had plenty of lift in them when they arrived.

 3. This End Up – The whole presentation depended on the balloons, streamers, and curls coming off in a particular way. The balloons were secured to the base of the box, and the streamers were only on one side. So Heather put a number of “this end up” reminders on the box.

4. Fragile – A bunch of other reminders warned me not to stab into the box with scissors.  

That’s it! All-in-all, it was an inexpensivve way to express a lot of enthusiasm and joy with us.

So the next time that a card just won’t do, take a note from my sister and send the whole sentiment in a box.

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