Latest Reads: Arthur Phillips

Arthur Phillips is one of my favorite authors.

I had never heard of him before last year, and now I am a full-fledged fan to the point of lightly stalking the man. (Alright! Yes, Bruce and I may have followed him on Facebook, and tracked him down at an event in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge, and then casually chatted him up afterwards until I sort of freaked him out just a little. So what? Hasn’t everyone done that at some point? (Mr. Phillips if you are reading this, sorry about that! I’m just such a fan!))

He is a wonderfully contemporary and entertaining author, and his books are hilarious and touching, and real. They are also very very difficult to put down in the best of ways.

Two books by Arthur Phillips you need to read:

The Tragedy of Arthur – a hilarious tragedy in the vein of and very much about Shakespeare. This book was so creatively promoted by Random House that I told several college friends all about the newly discovered work of Shakespeare found recently and due to be republished, before catching on to the joke. But in the end, the novel was so wonderful of a ride that I ended up endorsing it to friends all the more.

Cover of "The Song Is You: A Novel"

The Song is You – A beautiful tale about the power of love, music, infatuation, and some light stalking of those we admire. (Mr. Phillips, I think perhaps you can only blame yourself for our discussion in New York that day!)

Pick them up or download them today. You won’t be disappointed!

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