Dr. Dog!

If you have never heard of Dr. Dog, let me start by saying, they are amazing! (And also, they are not a rap group, as I mistakenly assumed upon hearing their name for the first time.) They are amazing on iPod, radio, or Spotify. But far and away, they are the best live concert I have ever been to. Go see them if you get the chance! Just trust me on this.

You may just be hearing about them, but Dr. Dog has been around for a while. Bruce liked around 5  or 6 years ago when no one had really heard of them. He saw them in concert at the 9:30 club here in DC, and said it was an incredible concert. (the italics were in his description, not just mine)

We went to see them to see them in concert 2 years ago, and it was just incredible! They were just so energetic. The songs were exuberant, and the band played their hearts out, radiated pure joy, and jumped around on stage for 2 hours!

The stage was decorated with a series of light panels that looked like stained glass and pulsed light in time with the music. The set seemed to match their music and performance personality. It was thrilling and beautiful, and just so so good! I left on an energy high that kept me up all night and necessitated quite a lot of coffee the next day.

Incidentally, interesting stage sets seem to be a trade mark for the band. The first time Bruce saw them in concert, he said there were dozens of live, potted plants around the stage, creating a really cool jungle/Eden vibe. There were so many that Bruce wondered if the plants had their own truck on tour (there were that many). For some reason, this makes me love them even more!

They have been one of those bands with a small following, that “only we” really liked. Until their new album came out in February, that is. Suddenly, they are all over the radio, and also featured on two different TV shows that I watched this week.

Their energy live onstage is something that band seems to know makes them special. In an interview about the new album, they said the new album has a, “hearty injection of their live shows.” The band tried to capture, “the immediacy, looseness, loudness, chaos, fast tempos and dirtier” nature of their live performances, where they leave behind any “perfectionist attitudes” in favor of spontaneous passion.”

Best description I ever heard of them. Dr. Dog has clearly cracked some sort of threshold for popularity. But I still plan to cling to the fact that I liked them a long time ago (way before everyone else). And then Bruce will correct me that he liked them first.

Check them out: Dr. Dog Website

Downloads of the week:

(2010 Album) Shame Shame, Dr. Dog

(2012 Album) Be the Void, Dr. Dog

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