Fears vs. Dreams

One of my favorite causes, To Write Love On Her Arms, has a new campaign out. It is call Fears vs. Dreams.

The campaign seeks to remind us that we are all a living story, with parts we like and parts we don’t.

They ask each of us to reflect on the story we are living, right now, today. They ask each of us to look inside, and ask the questions:

What is your biggest fear?

What is your greatest dream?

I know from my own life that sometimes just having the ability to answer the questions, is a victory in itself. Sometimes just being able to find a name for the dream, to admit to the hidden hope, begins to give it form. Sometimes being able to recognize what it is we fear, and say it out load, reduces its power in your life.

Maybe today is the day to ask those questions. Maybe today is the day to answer them. Maybe you aren’t ready yet, but want to be.

Either way, I hope that you will be able to take a moment to think about the story you are living, and what you want that story to be; to consider what is moving you forward towards your dreams, and what fears are holding you back.

Here’s the video

I hope you are touched personally by these questions. They have set my heart on fire in a beautiful way.

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