Garden – BIG Plants

So my plans for this year’s garden are off to a good start. My mom was in town for Easter weekend, and she graciously accompanied me to about 4 different nurseries and garden centers in one weekend! (The woman is a saint)

Two of our shopping excursions took us to big-store garden centers. Two were to local nurseries that I feel compelled to mention:

Eclectic Nature Garden Center in Alexandria is a cute hippie-style organic garden center right in the middle of the Del Ray area. They have just as many amazing pots, containers, and fountains as they do plants. It is just so fun!

A little further outside of DC is the Meadows Farms Nursery in Falls Church near the Seven Corners area. You step right out of suburbia and onto a farm! There is a tent nursery, a covered area, and a whole hillside full of large landscaping plants of every type. Their staff is the best part – a bunch of strapping helpful young lads with wagons, who really know their stuff!

We found and bought about 8 rosemary plants, but the real finds of the days were 4 amazingly cool “BIG PLANTS”  for the deck.

I have been desperately wanting to add some height and overall size to the deck this year. Last year’s garden, while cool, felt like a random assortment of small pots and small plants. So I was wanted to give the garden a boost this year with some BIG THINGS.

I found them in the form of a Hosta plant, two yucca trees, and a cedar tree!


The Hosta is a short but luxurious plant with large impressive leaves. I feel like it will give the garden that “Eden impression I am looking for. Only bad point- it is somewhat sun-sensitive, and marked “partial shade.” I am hoping I can put it somewhere it will survive.

The potted yuccas are desert natives. They are full sun and draught resistant by nature. The ones I bought were intended to by house plants, and were in the indoor section. Still, I am hoping I can convince them to return to their wild, nature and survive outdoors!

Finally, my proudest purchase – a potted cedar pine tree! It was exactly what I had wanted for the garden. It is about 4 feet tall and gorgeous. Bonus: Cedar has some naturally pest-resistant qualities.

We had some trouble fitting it into the car, and a lot of needles to sweep up after.  But it was worth it! It looks amazing out there!

 This one had a small amount of “winter-burn,” from sitting outside all winter. Some of the leaves were brown, but they gave me a discount be cause of it. I trimmed those areas back, and new growth should appear in its place.

But it was also suffering from some extreme root-bind. So I had to go through the scary (to me) process of scoring the rootball deeply enough to free it for new growth.

I put it in some rich new soil, and I expect it will be happy there.

All in all, the deck garden is now looking very TALL. Pictures to come soon!

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