Candle Lanterns

I got inspired the other day. I wanted some candles to go on the deck this spring, in addition to our frosty string lights that were such a hit last summer. We have one high wall that is slatted, and begging for something to hang every so often between slats. So, without further adieu, my summer hanging candles!


I saw these candles originally at the dollar store, and decided they were perfect for SO MANY THINGS!


I realize they were designed for use as religious candles (they also come printed with Our Lady of Guadeloupe) but the white ones are fairly innocuous. And the groove that runs around the top is perfect for DIY crafts! Also $1.00 a candle is just about right.

I bought a small coil of aluminum wire from the hardware store for $2.50, and got to work.

Two hours and two episodes of The Wire (I thought it was appropriate) later, here’s what I came up with:

Coil the wire around the candle twice. Then twist it off. Bend it at a 90 degree angle and over the candle to make the handle. After you decide on the length you want, cut the wire with wire cutters. Tuck it under the wrapped around wire on the other side and twist off again. You may want to use needle-nose pliers for this part.

That’s it! Hang and enjoy! Here is the finished product:


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