Lady Bug Houses

My shipment of ladybugs is headed our way!

In preparation for their arrival, I had plans to make them bamboo houses this weekend, according to the cute instructional I found last week.

Then, over the weekend, I wandered into the craft store and found these:


These cute little wood “bird” houses are about 3 inches tall. The opening is the size of a quarter. Absolutely impossible for any bird to fit in. But rather perfect for lady bugs!

I bought 6 of them, and plan to hang them around the deck near the plants.

I am trying to decide whether or not to paint them. I wonder if lady bugs will prefer a more natural-ish unfinshed tiny wood house? Or would they mind if I gave the homes some curb appeal? Hum….

In related news, Bruce is still horrified at the prospect coming to terms with their imminent arrival. I hope the sight of tiny lady bugs in tiny houses is just going to be too adorable for him to resist!


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