Floating Furniture


We spend a lot of Sundays at the pool. My in-laws have a lovely in-ground pool at their house, and we are lucky enough to be able to go over there most weekends during the summer.

There is a collection of pool floats of varying sizes and designs. On Sunday, the whole family was the pool at the same time. Each on a different float. And I suddenly realized that during the summer months those floats are actually the most used pieces of furniture in the house!


The big yellow sun is the star of the pool, and everyone’s favorite. It is large enough for two adults to lie on comfortably.


The gold donut has a head rest is a float for one. Its puffed round shape can make it tricky to balance on at at even the best of moments.


The new addition – the colorfully striped grey chair float – has some obvious style to it. It has a back rest that is truly comfy, and a cup holder. Its one flaw is that the seat of it dips beneath the water level, taking in water. So on a day where the water is chilly, it is not the preferred choice.


The blue body float is 6 feet long, and able to accommodate a tall adult. But is is made of spongy rubber material, not inflated, and puts a person in contact with the water at all times. It is nicest when one wants the experience of swimming without the effort.

It is a favorite of my in-laws’ doggie, Morgan.


On a nice day, there is actually quite a bit of competition between us all over who gets which float.


All in all, the realization that this is our “floating furniture” just made me want to buy more! Perhaps a his & hers matching set?

Ok, back to the pool!

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