Preserve Herbs for Winter

It is over 100 degrees here in DC, and it is impossible to even fathom the concept of winter coming again. However, it is also the height of growing season, and all of my herbs are producing like crazy!

I just read a fabulous tip from The Kitchn about how to preserve all those fresh herbs for use in cooking during the winter without drying them. You cut and wash them carefully, then chop them into small sizes, and place them in ice cube trays. Fill the ice cube trays with either olive oil, or chicken broth, and freeze. once they are frozen, pop the cubes out and put them in ziplock bags labeled with the type of herb. When you need to cook this winter, simple melt the cubes! Ones in chicken broth could be added straight into stews. And either form could be tossed into a frying pan with meat of any sort to melt. Isn’t that a great idea?

(image via The Kitchn)

I tried it at home, and it works really well. It’s funny that when olive oil freezes, it looks like butter.

The one note I have it that you should be prepared to label your frozen herb cubes well. Once they are frozen chunks, it is hard to tell whether they are cilantro or basil in there.

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