Deck Garden Update

So many things on the deck are flourishing this summer! I definitely learned a few tricks last summer.

(I also learned some harsh lessons what would do well, and what to avoid. Well, actually, the plants that fried last  summer learned some harsh lessons about trusting me, and I learned that the magic of hope and wishes, doesn’t make a sensitive plant survive harsh conditions.)

Container gardening, on a rooftop, in a city, with high heat, full-sun and strong humidity make for some challenges for sure. But here, are a few tips from me to you: 1) Pick the right plants. Don’t pick sensitive plants for harsh conditions – it only leads to heartbreak all around. 2) Mulch. Plants on roofs and in containers lose water like crazy to evaporation, sun, and wind. 3) map your sun and shade, and place your plants carefully.

Now for some gratuitous mid-summer garden shots:

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