Sun Vines

I have been searching for the perfect vine…. I know, it may seem like weird hunt, but some girls stalk shoes, and others, purses. I am one of the ones that stalk plants (which is fairly easy since they don’t usually run away!)

You see, we have a very ugly window situation. The window to the bathroom of our apartment looks out on to the deck. It has bars across it, as so many windows in the city do. The bars are old, rusty, and in a former life, were painted forest green, but the painted is now chipped off in many places. Since we do not own the space, there is a limit to how much we can do to change it. And so, I decided to cover it up with a vine!

I tried morning glory, but the poor thing could not take the glorious sun on our deck. it was dead in two days! I tried ivy, but it was getting burned leaves, so I moved it to the one shady section of the deck. It recovered.

Then I found a mandevilla vine at Whole Foods. They were selling them in these decorative heart-shoe shaped twists, that make it look like a topiary of sorts. I barely recognized it as a vine. But one plants had this huge PINK flower on it.

I pulled out my phone, and started googling. Yep, it is a full-sun tropical vine! perfect!

I bought one, hurried it home, and spent an hour untwisting its vines, while Bruce questioned my sanity. Then I spent another hour carefully re-winding its vine arms around the base of the window bars.

Mandevilla is a trainable vine, meaning that you can carefully and gently wind its tendrils around things or into shapes and it will take the hint and continue to wind or grow in that shape.

Here is what has been happening this summer! In order….



And more!



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