Illegal Rainbows

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, something incredible has been popping up for years. Painted spilling rainbows  have appeared from time to time, running down the sides of otherwise ordinary buildings.

A rouge street artist known as the Rainbow Warrior has created a bit of a stir. He/she pours paint from the tops of buildings to create dripping rainbows down the sides of the bland brick exteriors.

A local paper, The Alibi, secured an exclusive interview with a person claiming to be the real Rainbow Warrior. In it, he/she explains the rainbows as symbolizing, “….future and promise and dreams. Imagination. I kinda want to just give that back to people. When they see that, maybe they’re having a rough day or a rough year or life and they can just look at it and find peace for a second and remember what rainbows meant when they were a kid, or when they could look up at the sky and see one instead of seeing billboards and half-finished buildings. I want to let anyone find enjoyment in the rainbows.”

While most Albuquerque residents are amused or inspired by these spectral displays, the local police are not. The Rainbow Warrior recently hit a nerve when he/she spilled a new rainbow down the side of a local boondoggle, a condo project funded by the city and left incomplete after corruption charges halted construction.

On Friday, Aug. 6, Albuquerque police arrested a suspect, local artist Ernest Doty, on suspicion of being the Rainbow Warrior (or, more accurately, on suspicion of defacing public property.)

Many in the area are rallying behind Rainbow Warrior and also behind Doty, and showing their support.  There’s even a Rainbow Warrior fan page on Facebook.


Personally, I think the rainbows are really great! I love how art can transform the normal world into something new, for even just a second.


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