Bedroom Furniture & Paint

With the big move in right around the corner, we are trying to mix and match our furniture in a successful manner.

Our former bedroom schemes were very dramatically different. He had red curtains, red bedspread, standard beige walls, and honey colored wood furniture. Mine was white furniture, and deep purples – eggplant curtains, violet and dark purple bedspread.  Nothing matches. So obviously we need a new color scheme!

However the thing we are working with/around is our furniture. Not knowing how long we will live in this space, and with a wedding coming up, we are hesitant to buy totally new stuff.  Besides, the problem right now is that we own two (or three! or four!) of everything. So we are sort of playing furniture version of the game Jenga. What can we fit in? what do we need? what works together? And what do we need to get rid of?

After a lot of consideration, we  have decided to mix of white furniture and dark woods in our bedroom. It’s a difficult blend, but it makes sense from a furniture/layout standpoint. And from a furniture/layout standpoint it’s coming together nicely!


But in order to really make the whole room come together, we need to integrate the furniture further. And we need to paint!

After looking to the web for inspiration, I think a palate of mixed greys will pull it all together nicely.

Here are some of our sources of inspiration:


Picture above from Pinterest.


Also via Pinterest.


Also via Pinterest.


Also via Pinterest.


Also via Pinterest.


And here are the paint colors I am considering:





Also via Pinterest.



Also via Pinterest.






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