Overwhelmed with Herbs: Cook them

If, at this point in summer, you have a thriving large summer garden, you may find yourself overwhelmed by herbs!

Herbs: basil, scallion

As I have previously discussed, one of the most most important garden chores you can do to keep your herbs healthy is to regularly prune them. Another key to having thriving tasty herbs all summer long is to never let them flower! If you have done both of these chores regularly, all summer, you probably have some large bushy thriving herb plants.


At the present moment, I am drowning in herbs. So what to do with them? The two most obvious answers are: cooking or crafting. I will cover the latter in another post.

But as for cooking, let me just say that this herb garden has directly resulted in a cooking renaissance in our household. A desire not to waste the fruits of my gardening labor has resulted in frequently googling of recipes involving herb ____, and in  my husband and I discovering and learning to cook more recipes than either of our mother’s ever knew, combined! Together, we have learned the art of pesto, marinades and rubs, and more types of salads than I knew existed. It’s been amazing!

If you too are drowning in herbs, here are some great ideas to get you started:

Grilled Steak with Fresh Garden Herbs

Garden Fresh Recipees

Risotto with Fresh Garden Herbs and Lemon

Here are some additional ideas (by type of herb!) from Sunset Magazine to get you started:

6 dishes with fresh oregano

8 ways with fresh thyme

6 tasty recipes with sage

12 ways with fresh basil

8 fresh rosemary recipes

13 ways with fresh mint

Check back for part 2, where I give you some ideas for crafts with your herbs!


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