Movies: The Way Way Back

This week’s must-see movie is: The Way Way Back.

(Image via Wikipedia)

This is such a sweet movie about a boy stuck in a crappy situation with his family, who gets a chance to escape it via a summer job at a water park. He meets some great people who change his perspective, become his friends, and give him a chance to escape his home life and find a different place for himself in the world. It’s a positive, happy movie.

A few highlights:

Steve Carell in a totally different role than you’ve ever seen him play – an unredeemable ass. He is the overconfident jerk we all know so well, but have never seen him play. It’s a great departure for him, and he’s convincing at it.

Sam Rockwell as the owner of the water park does a hilarious spin as the male equivalent of Lorelai  Gilmore – a fast-talking, incredibly witty sympathetic soul that you wish was your boss. Or BFF. I have seen him in many different roles over the years, but never really noticed him before. I hope this movie catapults him into a dozen more roles like this. He was brilliant!

Anna Sophia Robb, who has grown from a child actress into a gorgeous young woman with a lot of range.

Toni Collette is wonderful as always.

Allison Janney also pulls a wonderful quirky departure as a boozy nosey noisy next door neighbor.

It’s a great film. Go see it right away!

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