Cork & Fork

A great new wine shop has opened up in our neighborhood: Cork & Fork!

These guys really know wine! You can basically walk in, tell them what you are buying the bottle for (dinner for two? a party? need to impress a wine aficionado?) or what you generally like (malbecs? something dry? fruity?), and what your price range is ($15-$20, $30, $100), and they will show you a couple good options, and also recommend their own favorites.

These guys are no joke. They actually know all the wines in their shop intimately. They won’t try to sell you a $25 bottle when there is an $18 bottle that actually tastes better. And they are just fun and friendly!

C&F has a great selection, from all over the world, divided up by region. They are also able to talk to you about the regions and the wine grown in them in-depth. 

Best of all – they have free tastings every Friday night! They bring in distributors from various wineries and regions around the world, and allow them to show off their goods in person to anyone who comes in.

The Friday night tastings are part of the bigger wine events they offer every month, where they offer a talk and a tasting focused on specific regions, varietals, or years. An example of some they offered this year:

  • Argentina’s Famous Pulenta Estate Wine Collection
  • Essentially California: Zinfandel, How It’s Changed
  • Perfect Thanksgiving Wines
  • Big Reds from Around the World
  • Revisiting Bordeaux: Medoc, Graves, and St Emilion
  • A Sparkling Champagne Event

They also offer classes to people who want to learn even more. For $90, you can take three classes that introduce the basics of  wine – styles, tasting technique, regions and etiquette. It’s no more pricey than 3 nice dinners out & a lot of fun!

Check out Cork & Fork: 1522 14th Street NW / Washington, DC / 202.588.5766

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