Cabinets & Shelves

Now that we are really reaching the place of being “settled” in our place, I am almost ready to move on to improvements!

We have our main set up established. We have effectively blended most of our furniture, and mixed and matched everything into a nice apartment gumbo. Basically… it works. But I am starting to think that it may be time for some upgrades and changes. Specifically, I am thinking of built-ins!

Not just built-in shelves, but cabinets too! The living room could use more shelving, and also more hide-away storage. So I am thinking it may be time to switch up the one oversized bookshelf, and large tv cabinet, for a uniform, floor-to-ceiling, shelf-and-cabinet combo.

No official plans yet, just dreaming for now. Here is what I am visualizing…. (courtesy of pinterest!)

Modern Family Room - contemporary - family room - other metro - Mod & Stanley Design Inc.

built ins with closed cabinets on the bottom and shelves above

What do you think?

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