DIY: How To Repair A Foam Headstone


Those foam headstones and other decorations have been very popular in recent years. They make for a great little fake graveyard scene. But, they also have a tendency to break pretty easily.  Here’s a quick way to repair them with only a glue gun and some paper clips!



Get the pieces….


And grab a couple paper clips. Straighten them out and carefully shove one end into one side of the foam.


If you jam it through a side, just try again.  You can also cut the straightened clips in half with wire cutter if you want. But not too short! The point of the paper clip is to add some stability to the broken foam once the glue dries. So, you want the paper clip to go about half-way the length of the clip.


Depending on how big the break is, you can use as many as you see fit. But ultimately, you want a small parapet of several spikes.



Once you have 3 or 4 of them sticking out, grab the other piece. Carefully align them. Slowly push the broken off piece (one without spikes) down onto the spikes. Leave about a quarter inch of space. Then heat up the glue gun!




Very quickly, put drops of glue between each of the spikes, then push the pieces the rest of the way together.



The hot glue may slightly melt the foam, but not a lot. And the spikes will hold it all in place.



Viola!! Fixed!



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