Halloween Decor: A Bat Attack

A really fun option for decorating a stairway / banister area is to create a swarm of Flying bats overhead, like I did for our party this year.


I bought some No-Damage Command Strip Hooks. And I used them to run a length of string back and forth across the space between our bannister and the opposite wall.  I stretched it pretty tight, becuase the rubber bats inevitably weigh it down. Then I got out our Box of Bats, from last year’s party, containing about 30 rubber bats, each about 6 inches in size.

I hung them from the string at regular intervals, using paper clips.

Then – for a final touch – I got our small oscillating fan out and turned it on the bats, on low, blowing back and forth. This is how you make the bats “fly!” (Or at the very least, blow around in circles slightly. I couldn’t capture them in motion, but they looked incredible!

Several of our party guest comments how shocking they were at first sight! (I took that as a compliment!)


For good measure, I also turned out the light above the staircase, and left only the light at the top of the stairs on. This created a back-lit situation for the bats. I also bought half a dozen LED tea-light candles, and placed them going up the stairs, to light the way up to the party!

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