Halloween Party 2013 – Decor

We have amassed quite little collection of Halloween decor over the last 5 years of Halloween parties. Enough so that this year, we were really able to go all out of decorating the apartment for our Halloween Party! However, if you look closely, you will also see that we have mixed and matched in some of or every day house items as well – candles, vases, etc. It’s a fun way to remix your stuff and find new inspiration for it.

Here are some pictures from the living room:


I scattered around some foam headstones and pumpkins throughout the garden deck.


 These ribbons were actually my favorite thing on the deck that night. they were just simple ribbons cut into 9 inch strips. But they added such a festive little touch to everything!


I broke out the old set of rubber bats from previous Halloween Parties, and ran some string across the staircase banister to create Haunted Entryway!


Jar of bones – created by dismembering half a dozens plastic skeletons from the Dollar Tree!20131103_165442

A note on “creepy cloth” – it really goes a long way towards adding a shroud-like vibe to everything.We also found it at Target for $3.99 per roll. And then later found it at the Dollar tree for $1 per roll. I draped it across almost every surface. 20131103_124321

We added some rubber rats scurrying through out the book cases to our haunted living room.


Finally – Last year’s feather wreath made a reappearance”




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