Halloween Party 2013 – Glow In The Dark Room

For this year’s Halloween Party, we transformed our bedroom into a glow-in-the-dark room! It was one of my favorite things. It was actually pretty easy. Below are some pictures and basic explanations of how we pulled each part of it off:


The key to this whole thing is to purchase the right kind of black lights. This is what we used. We removed all of or normal lamp shades, plug right into all of our lamps and light sockets. From there, we purchased some cheap glow-in-the-dark decor from Target and Dollar tree.

Plastic ghosts and skeletons:


Neon plastic dishes, which show up great under a black light:


Black creepy cloth draped over our white curtains, and some large furry spiders:


My favorite – a small white owl ornament:


I also discovered that grey-colored “creepy cloth” glows  just slightly under a black light.


I used it to cover our desk, and create a sort of mantel space. 20131103_174034_LLS20131103_173116_LLS

Our ancient old-sheet-turned ghost decoration has made an appearance at every Halloween party Bruce and I threw together. He is very simple and silly, but kind of a ascot at this point. 20131103_173141_LLS

I found these two candle holders made of uranium glass at an antique store near our house for $2 each. They look amazing under the black light. But you can’t actually light the candles, or it off-sets the black light. Funny! 20131103_173455_LLS

Our white furniture and curtains and the white trim paint around the room all glowed to varying degree under the lights. So I draped black “creepy cloth” (*purchased at Target) over them to cover them “spooky” up the whole room a bit.


Same with our white curtains:


Here are the “glow in the dark” items from Dollar Tree, and Target in the daylight:

20131103_124631 20131103_124648

I also found that some of the grey creepy cloth and grey foam tombstones from Dollar Tree glowed well under the black lights, and effectively covered up our desk with the lights out, and turned it into more of a mantle:



20131103_170148 Large furry spider, from Target, I placed strategically in the middle of our bed:


He was a big hit!


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