Halloween Party 2013 – Food

I do not consider myself to be a great cook. But, this year, I took a crack at making some truly festive Halloween foods. In past years’ parties, we stuck mostly to a pizza and chips kind of situation. But this year, I went to the now-ubiquitous Pinterest for Halloween some party food ideas. They didn’t all come out perfectly, but here’s the ones that came out best:


Pumpkin Cake: 

I bought one of these bundt pans from William Sonoma. I had never made a bundt cake before. It was a bit intimidating, but came out pretty good in the end. Just used a simple box cake mix. The hardest part was frosting it actually! It is surprisingly difficult to frost a sphere shape.



Guacamole Monster: 

This is a ridiculously easy dish. Basically, just make guacamole, and put in a bowl with uncut green beans sticking out the sides for legs. The “eye” is a mozzarella ball, with a slice of green olive, and a dot of a black olive in the middle.


Witch Finger Cookies

These cookies are just simple sugar cookies with and almond smashed into the tip, and lines “drawn” into the dough with a toothpick. I whipped up some orange frosting to dip them in (which for some reason looks pink under my camera’s flash).


Pumpkin Dipping Bowl Veggie Tray:

This idea one came from Pinterest. Buy a medium-small pumpkin (at Whole Foods, called a “pie” pumpkin), and cut off the top and hollow it out thoroughly. Then fill with the dip of your choice (we went with ranch dressing). Ultimately, it’s more about being cute then any real culinary skills. (so, perfect for me!)


Ghost Juice

This magic potion is basically a pitcher of lemonade-flavored vodka tonic shots. Ingredients are simple: Powdered Lemonade Mix, Vodka, Tonic. The key here: You must use real tonic water, not soda or seltzer. Tonic has quinine in it, which glows under a black light.


There were several other Pinterest food experiments, that didn’t come out very well at all. I may work up the courage to post them at some point.

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