Dressing Up Outdoor Lights for Holidays & Celebrations

One of the easiest way to add a little pop to your outdoor area, for any celebration, is by tying ribbons around overhead string lights. We did it earlier this year for our Halloween Party, and it looked amazing!


It couldn’t possibly be any easier! Just get some ribbons, about an inch thick, and cut them in 12 inch strips. Tie them in simple knots along the cord of your outdoor lights, near but no touching the actual bulbs (mine don’t get very hot, but I figured – why risk a fire hazard?)

I chose orange and green ribbons for Halloween. But – why not red, white, and blue for July 4th? Or pastels for Easter? Team colors for a sports barbecue? I think I will probably start doing this for every holiday that we celebrate outside.

It’s so easy, and takes almost no time. And they are just so dang cheerful!

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