Movie: Somm

For Christmas, my sister and her husband sent us the documentary “Somm,” a very enjoyable documentary about the Master Sommelier exam, the most difficult test in the world for wine masters.


(image via IMDB)

The movie follows four men who are preparing for the test, in a reality contestant style of filming. You see what they do to prepare (which is simply nuts!), and also learn all about the interesting world of professional sommeliers. Developing a true ability to know and recommend wine is more complicated than most appreciate. These guys spend year memorizing world wine regions and lists of wineries, but also refining their palates so they recognize the difference between a wine with notes of fresh violets, or notes of dried violets. Crazy! (And also pretty impressive!)

We liked the film a lot and recommend it to others.

One quick note – watching this movie is kind of like watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka). The only way to enjoy that movie is to watch it with a pile of various candies in front of you.

The only way to watch Somm, is with a couple bottles of wine!



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