Emptied Gestures, the art of Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen is a dancer, painter and sculptor based in New Orleans. Images of her new exhibit, “Emptied Gestures,” caught my eye when an artist friend posted them on Facebook recently.


 (Photo by Bryan Tarnowski via This is Colossal)

Not just works of art, they are live performances in which she holds charcoal in her hands and between toes, and proceeds through a series of  movements while sitting (or stretching or posing) on the canvas, effectively leaving behind a striking visual footprint of her movements.







 (Above photos  by Bryan Tarnowski via This is Colossal)

They are just so incredible! The size and scope of them is enormous, but the works themselves are so intimate.

Watching her make them makes you realize that she used to be a dancer. it also me feel a little voyeuristic. It also reminds me that I need to go to yoga more.

Here is a video of Heather performing/creating them live:

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