Chopping herbs

Anyone who has experience chopping fresh herbs knows how unweildy they can be. Worse yet, they can make a huge mess of your kitchen! Luckily, The Kitchn just brought us A Faster, Easier Way to Chop Fresh Herbs.

This simple tip allows you to do it quickly and easily (and with a lot less risk to your fingers)! Just wash them, put them in a cup, and then grab some scissors. Cut them up right inside the cup. They stay in one (much less messy) place, and cut up in half the time.


(Image via The Kitchn)

Another great option for cutting herbs is these Herb Scissors! They have 5 blades in one, and are perfect for herb chopping and scallions. Available from a variety of retailers. They are going to be my next purchase this summer.  And I bet these scissors would make the above technique even more effective!


Herb Scissors


(Image via Crate & Barrel )

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