Easter for Teens & Adults

Aside from all of the beauty and religious celebration of Easter, as a religious holiday, most of the family celebratory aspects are particularly geared towards little kids. As a house and family of adults and teen boys, making Peeps, chocolate bunnies, Easter baskets and egg hunts relevant is a challenge. Here’s a few fun things we enjoy at our house:

1. Chocolate Bunny Snuff Video:

I guarantee, this will get even your biggest Easter Grinch giggling in the back row of Easter service (tested & approved in our Sunday morning church)!


2. Making Peeps Sushi

A fun project for crafty teens and adults, making Peep sushi is relatively easy. You just need a variety of Peeps and other candies, several rolls of fruit rollups, and a bunch of rice crispy treats. Knives involved!

(Image via Serious Eats)

3. Adult Egg Hunts

The idea here is simple: Fill those little plastic eggs with lottery tickets, rolls of quarters, Starbucks Gift cards, movie tickets, and even cash. You can also fill them with those tiny chocolates filled with liquors (but I strongly recommend freezing them solid first, or they will melt!) Hide in the yard and turn the adults loose!


4. Peeps Smores 

A home version of the chocolate bunny snuff film above, there are a number of ways to torture and toy with Peeps and home. You can send them to a chocolaty-melty grave in a cup of hot cocoa. You can also fizzily dissolve them in any sort of soda.

One of the most fun is to make Peeps smores. If you happen to have a campfire, I can only imagine, it is even more dramatic. But a plain old microwave will accomplish the same thing.  They puff up dramatically and crack in the microwave, and then deflate a bit when pulled out. Here’s our experience:





1496632_10151988044771712_2615412095756665750_n 10154997_10151988044831712_1198278486933027494_n


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