Garden Books to Solve Plant Problems

There are tons of helpful garden books out there these days. In fact there are more and more specific books catering to all the niches of fad gardening – urban gardening, container gardening, sustainable gardening, Michelle Obama’s White House garden, etc. I have bought an entire small library of these books over the past few years.

Today, let me share two of the books I personally find to be the most helpful out there:

What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?


 (image via

What Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?) 


(image via

Personally, I don’t usually lack for inspiration and enthusiasm in my gardening. I love buying new plants because they looked cool in the garden center or outdoor market. Often, I buy them before I have any real idea how to care for them. I dive in, plant them, and then am thoroughly pleased with myself until something starts going wrong.

The internet used to be my first stop for information when this happened. But frankly, searching the internet for causes and solutions to plant ailments is kind of like searching the internet for human ailments. Typing in symptoms on Google will usually convince you that your plant has all kinds of exotic problems! And also that it requires all kinds of exotic solutions. I spent much of first year container gardening trying to figure out of we had leaf hoppers or mosaic disease (turned out – neither!) and spraying concoctions of dissolved aspirin water and strained fennel tea on the plants to cure them, as Pinterest assured me would work (it did not!).

The great thing about both of these books is that they are filled with COLOR pictures of plants, and common problems. They also group plants by families, so it is easy to search. They also provide common ORGANIC solutions to problems.

So easy. So helpful. If you are a new gardener, I encourage you to buy these books, and stop searching Google and Pinterest for solutions to your plants problems.

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