Second stop on the tour of our tiny little apartment is our bedroom.

20140602_124701 E


I have previously posted quite a bit on our efforts in it – choosing the right paint color for the room, choosing accessories that blend it all together. This room was a lot of work for us when we first moved in together. But now it is my favorite room in the place! I love the cool colors, the deep grey walls, and the blend of dark wood and white furniture.

It is also the sunniest room in the apartment. The big windows get direct sun from about 12-sundown, and are also very bright first thing in the morning.  (All of that light also made it very hard to get balanced photos of the whole room)!

The windows also directly face several neighboring apartment building across the street. So they were a huge privacy issue. At first, Bruce hung dark black out curtains in the room and kept them shut most of the time. But when I moved in, I wanted to enjoy more of the light. We opted for a combo of heavy pull-down shades to close for darkness at night and sheer curtains for the daytime.


We bought this artwork during our trip to Rome in 2013, from a local painter selling in the Piazza Novona. In addition to loving the technique and colors in it, it makes such a colorful statement in our grey-on-grey room. (PS. It is not crooked in real life. Just in my limited photography!)




One of the weird quirky things I mentioned about our strange little Parish House home, is the layout. The bedroom connects to the kitchen (weird, right?) through a doorway that has no door and 50 years of old paint over the old iron hinges that might have once held one. We put up a curtain to separate them when necessary.


This is the monstrous dresser unit that we got for almost nothing when I moved in, and serves as my closet. The dresser next to it is not part of the same unit, but we painted it white and switched out the hardware, and they match well enough.






Weird camera angles to follow!

20140530_121613 E


Almost forgot – the star of the family, sitting on “his” bench.



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