Parish House Apartment Tour: Living Room

To kick off our tour of our Parish House Apartment, we will start in the living room. Below are pictures from as many angles as I can manage in a small space.







This small music corner of the room houses our records player, our small but growing collection of records, the CDs that we can’t part with even though all their music is now digital, and our two guitars. You will note, they are not displayed beautifully on stands the way some hipsters have them out for show.

My husband is a musician. He plays professionally on weekends, and his instruments are not decorations. The guitar case in the corner houses a Martin (if you are not a musician, it won’t matter, but if you are, suddenly this whole paragraph will become clear). “The Martin” (its official title of office in our house) is kept in a humidity-controlled case, where it is protected at all times from flying dog toys, falling books, and clumsy guests. The Martin is a beautiful instrument with a great sound. I repeat – it is not a decoration.

My guitar on the other hand a great “learner’s guitar” according to Bruce. He has no problem with me setting it out on a stand for the universe to ravage – LOL.


The passage way between our two rooms. We had a random assortment of artwork that we didn’t have a space for. Finally I noticed that several of them shared the common color. Voila! The “Red Wall” was born!



I took the photos below at a Cemetery outside of Mystic, Connecticut. The old  iron gate at the front of the cemetery was beautiful! The bookshelf below it houses my small collection of antiquarian books. Some of them were purchased in other countries and are in other languages. Most are just very old. The two prizes among the collection are a first edition of Gone With The Wind (my favorite) and a tiny collection of hand-drawn Papal coats of arms that I purchased in Rome.



This pillow was a gift from my sister in law on our first Christmas as a married couple. Not only is it adorable and fun, it helped to bring the several different seating pieces in the living room together in a great way. We have a brown couch, two black stools, one red chair and one white chair. This pillow single-handedly pulls the whole living room together. It’s also a great conversation piece when guests come by. Almost everyone is unfamiliar with one of the references, and it inspired conversation!


The rest of the library along this wall belongs to my husband. (My collection is squeezed into the lesser bookcases in the hallway) The ultimate bibliophile, my husband would fill every square inch of the place with books and still need more. He has a Kindle too, and which is at capacity. Every wall of his office is also books! I love him for it.


This doorway and stairs is one of the very strangest parts of our living room. The door leads out onto our deck. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the “doorway” is actually a window that someone converted when the deck was built. A custom door was made, and the stairs that lead to it. Under the stairs has actually become a storage area for us; hence the tiny curtains!



And now for some panorama shots where I try to capture the whole room. They are weirdly exaggerated. But hopefully, they give an overall view of the space.


Finally, the living room just wouldn’t be complete without it’s favorite occupant, Baxter. As far as he is concerned, all the furniture was brought in for him in the first place!



Thanks for touring our tiny living room! Come back soon for the rest of the tour.



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