Small Cool 2014

Apartment Therapy runs a little contest every year called the “Small Cool” Contest where they feature real living spaces. As you can guess from the name, all the spaces are tiny apartments or small houses. The contest entry categories are based on size:

  • TEENY-TINY 400 Square Feet and under
  • TINY 600 Square Feet and under (but over 400 Square Feet)
  • LITTLE 800 Square Feet and under (but over 600 Square Feet)
  • SMALL Under 1,000 Square Feet (but over 800 Square Feet)
  • INTERNATIONAL All non-US entries (under 1,000 Square Feet)

I’ve wanted to enter us for several years, but was always too busy with other things. This year, I was determined – Clean the house, take the pictures, and hit submit! Easy right? Right. Well, let’s skip to the fun part!

The Parish House Apartment is 575 square feet (it’s actually 578 according to my measurements. But I rounded off!). This put us in the “TINY” division.

The contest only allows 5 photos, and a floor plan. It was excruciating trying to pick 5. Plus 5 photos don’t  really adequately capture all the tiny corners of our whole weird little place. But I will make up for that by posting more later!

Without further adieu, here are our 5 entry photos:











And here is our floor plan:


Parich House Floor Plan 3D (2)


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